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Rent a plane for the wedding ceremony

July 11, 2023

The level of development in the aviation business segment allows literally “getting married in the sky”. Increasingly, young people resort to the service of a wedding event on board the airliner. And the flight is possible not only within your country, but also other countries of the world.

Why is a wedding in the air so profitable?

The main positive aspects of the organization of a wedding celebration in the air is uniqueness, unforgettable. Newlyweds and guests of the holiday can rent an individual plane, which will conveniently accommodate close people, friends. You can give yourself a wedding, which no one had.

The celebration will take place according to the scenario of the customers. The ship’s personnel will be dressed in a form that matches the format of the holiday, and the service will take place according to a predetermined scenario. Additionally, when renting is available the option of “catering”, involving the organization of a refined banquet with treats for every taste from eminent chefs of the country.

What is the purpose of renting a plane?

The most common option for renting an aircraft is to hold a wedding. The action takes place according to the following algorithm:

  • Meeting at the airport of the spouses and guests of the holiday.
  • Assistance in passing the formalities of the airport.
  • Escort aboard.

The main part of the event on board the aircraft – painting. Starts after gaining the optimum height. Further, the holiday ends with a banquet and party on board the ship or after landing at the destination.

Ship rental is relevant for other purposes:

  • wedding walk;
  • delivery of guests to the place of painting.
  • What to look for when organizing a wedding?

For those who decide to rent a plane to create a new family, it is important to determine several criteria:

  • Direction (the liner can be tied to a significant place). Regardless of the situation, planning is carried out at the early stages. At the same time, the cost of renting an aircraft will depend on the distance to follow.
  • Number of guests. You need to know the exact amount, since the typology of the rental side depends on this parameter.
  • Recreational activities. To guests did not get bored, you can order a photographer, master of ceremonies, a singer or a musician.
  • Desired dishes on the table.
  • Seating plan invited.
  • Ease of ordering an aircraft for a wedding

To order a plane for a wedding ceremony, you should contact our international company. When contacting you are required to provide information regarding when the holiday will take place, place of departure and arrival, indicate personal requirements for the aircraft by model, capacity, layout, etc.

In order for the celebration to take place on the desired date, it is important to agree in advance on the event and the lease of the aircraft. Contact our experts to clarify all the details.

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