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The ideal time and place for yachting in the Seychelles

September 01, 2023

Seychelles is a rather small archipelago, which includes coral and granite islands. The Seychelles are located in the Indian Ocean, so they are popular with fans of yachting. Renting a yacht in the Seychelles gives you the opportunity to visit truly heavenly places with the purest water.

The Seychelles are unique, have great flora and fauna. Because of this, a trip on a yacht here will bring a lot of unforgettable emotions. Yacht tours on these islands have become popular quite recently. But this does not stop the crowds of tourists who want to enjoy the coast and the ocean.

You can go on a trip on a yacht in the Seychelles for fishing, diving, relaxing with a company or even a romantic date. There are many unique fish here – from dolphins to swordfish and sharks. But you don’t have to worry about safety, because special small bays are reserved for swimming.

Weather conditions for yachting in the Seychelles

Yacht charter in the Seychelles is open all year round, but yachting is more actively used at a time when it is winter in Europe. There is always a tropical climate. Throughout the year, the temperature conditions vary from 25 to 30 degrees, the water temperature is 26 degrees, and the humidity is always more than 80 percent. In addition, there is no rainy season in the Seychelles. Naturally, rains happen, but they are not long. If you notice cloudy weather in the morning, then it is very likely that the sun will come out again by lunchtime.

The southeast trade wind season runs from May to September in the Seychelles. The wind at this time is up to 6 m/s, but the gusts can be really strong. In the southeast of the Seychelles during this period it is stormy. From October to April the wind is weak.

The tides on the islands are semi-diurnal and asymmetric, with intervals from lowest to highest of about 6 hours between. In the spring, around the Inner Islands, the tides are up to 2 meters.

Yacht routes in the Seychelles

You can rent a yacht in the Seychelles for a simple walk, as well as for fishing or diving. By the way, divers are very fond of the island of Aldabara, but it is now under the auspices of UNESCO. Because of this, before diving, you will have to obtain the appropriate permit.

For those who rent sailing yachts or motor yachts for extreme sports, the route to the island of La Digue, which runs through the “Marianne”, is suitable. Marianne is the name given to the place where the most sharks are found. Those who decide to rent yachts are given the chance to enjoy all the picturesque corners of the islands. Especially beautiful is the island of Mahe and 68 beaches. Here you can swim, sunbathe, and also try surfing or scuba diving. In addition, on this island there is a mountain Morne Blanc, where it is allowed to climb.

When renting luxury yachts for your holiday in the Seychelles, you can also go to St. Anne Island. This is a small but quite colorful island. It is located on the territory of the National Marine Reserve. Also, the island is considered a reserve, on which there are no local residents. This is Curiosity, where a lot of huge land turtles are found.

Summing up

Mass tourism is not yet widespread in the Seychelles, and the authorities are not going to allow it. Here you can go yachting or rent a catamaran for an exciting trip. Sparks Life Charter Yacht Company will help you find the right boat for your company, depending on your preferences, budget and the itinerary you have chosen.

Having gone on a cruise on a yacht in the Seychelles, you can feel free and happy. Tired of the city hype and want to relax? Do not postpone your desires and dreams until “later”, because “later” may not happen!

Contact our company to rent the best sailing or motor yacht, catamaran and go on an unforgettable journey across the Indian Ocean! Our consultants have vast experience in the field of yachting and will be happy to help you if you have any questions.

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