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Caribbean Yacht Charter

August 26, 2021

Yachting in the Caribbean is available almost all year round except during tropical storms. It also hosts the BVI Spring Regatta and Antigua Sailing Week. These events, as a rule, gather a lot of spectators and attract professionals of these sports to the area.

In the warm, gentle Caribbean Sea, there are a large number of different islands: Saint Lucia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Cuba – these are just a few of the favorite vacation spots of travelers from all over the world. Each of these islands is beautiful in its own way, but there is something in common between them: it is a warm sea with azure, transparent water, snow-white, like silk, sand, nature of amazing beauty, endless sky and hospitable aborigines.

Many countries are related to the formation of the culture of the Caribbean islands, among them Spain, England, France and so on. However, despite such a variety, the Caribbean is a unique place with its own unique flavor. Having been here at least once, you will never forget them and will certainly want to return to this paradise on earth.

Specificity of yachting in the Caribbean

Sparks_life invites you to embark on an exciting sailing journey. We will make the transitions between the marinas on comfortable ships equipped with everything necessary for life and recreation. You can choose absolutely any route, depending on your wishes and preferences. The period of time for which a yacht is rented is usually a multiple of a week, however, it is possible to reach an agreement on the hiring of a boat for any period from 5 days.


The Caribbean is located in the tropical climate zone. The water in the sea, as a rule, is not less than 25 ° C, and the air temperature changes almost imperceptibly. The dry season lasts from February to June. And in the period from September to October, tropical storms rage here.

Fishing and diving

The Caribbean is a true paradise for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. This area is loved for its rich underwater world: beautiful coral reefs, many sunken ships, mysterious underwater caves. This splendor attracts divers from all over the world here. In addition to the above, you can go swimming with funny dolphins, admire the manatees and feed the sharks.

Also, it offers great opportunities for both beginners and avid fishermen. In addition to a wide variety of fish species, various competitions for anglers are constantly held here, for example, in Cuba, in the Havana Marina, competitions in catching blue marlin are regularly held.

Caribbean currency

The local currency differs depending on which island you are on, however, in addition to local money, American dollars are accepted almost throughout the territory.


Having a visa may or may not be needed at all. It all depends on the host island. In any case, our company is ready to help you with obtaining this document.

Go on a fascinating yachting tour of the Caribbean with @Sparks_life. We know how to make your holiday perfect!
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