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Yacht tour in France – Porquerolles island

August 20, 2023

Porquerolles Island is an amazing island located off the coast of the Riviera in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the largest of the three “Golden Islands” in the city of Hyères. This area with azure waters and almost untouched nature attracts hikers and excellent wine lovers from all over the world.

Ecology is the biggest treasure that is cherished on the island like the apple of an eye. There is a tiny village with a population of about 300 people and everything you need for a comfortable stay.

Tour plan

Our small but exciting journey will last 3 days on a comfortable yacht equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

Day 1

At 9.00 am we will leave the port (you will choose the port yourself, either Mandelieu or Monaco) and anchor between the Lerins Islands, it is here that the water is so clear and light that you can see the bottom. At about noon our yacht will sail towards Saint-Tropez. We will make several stops in the stunning Esterel mountain range, which is impressive for its landscapes.

At about 13.00 we will arrive at the Pampelonne beaches. Here you can have a delicious lunch and get real pleasure from swimming in the purest water and relaxing lying on the white sand.
In the evening we will weaken anchor and head to the village of Saint-Tropez, where we will spend the night.

Yacht tour in France - Porquerolles island

Day 2

Today our boat will leave Saint-Tropez for the Porquerolles island, on the way we will make a stop in the picturesque Cap Thaya.

We will arrive in Porquerolles by lunchtime. After enjoying delicious food, you will get acquainted with two luxurious bays with crystal, azure waters: Notre Dame and D’Arzhan beaches.

In the evening, a delicious dinner awaits you at the Le Mas Du Langoustier restaurant.

Day 3

Today, after a stop at Porquerolles Island, the skipper will stop at the amazing Port Cros Nature Reserve. The deep sea life here is simply striking in its beauty, so snorkeling and snorkeling mask will certainly come in handy.

After lunch we will arrive in Antibes, whose picturesque coves of Cap Antibes are famous around the world for their beauty. We will spend the final night of our cruise at anchor near the Lerins Islands.

Yacht tour in France - Porquerolles island

The Sparks Life company invites you on this exciting cruise. We know how to make your vacation truly perfect!

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