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Features of yachting in Croatia

December 05, 2021

Croatia is a place where the Mediterranean, the Alps and Pannonia meet. The country includes a continental part, located in the Sava River basin, and the Adriatic, stretched in a narrow strip along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. This place is a nature reserve, known for its stunning views, pristine flora, natural springs, clean rivers and lakes.

Croatia is also considered the most environmentally friendly country in Europe, and the local landscapes will not leave any traveler indifferent. Holidays on a yacht in Croatia – a large number of completely different islands with beautiful bays. Millions of people from all over the world come here every year to enjoy the sea walks, fresh air, crystal clear water and perfect weather.

Why Croatia is ideal for yachting

Croatia is an ideal place for yachting. It has a comfortable Mediterranean climate characterized by positive temperatures and beautiful sunny weather. Winters are warm (water temperature reaches 12 degrees) and summers are favorable and calm (water and air temperature 25-28 degrees), which attracts many yachtsmen and just lovers of good rest.

Incredibly beautiful nature, scenic views, blue water, the richness and beauty of the Adriatic Sea – all this you can see in Croatia is amazing.

An important advantage is also a large number of comfortable marinas, fully equipped with all necessary elements to ensure a high quality service and a pleasant holiday. In addition, if you try a yacht trip, you can see many beautiful islands (and there are about 1000 in Croatia) and archipelagos, which create a comfortable environment for sailing due to the lack of wind and storms.

Features of yachting in Croatia

Travelling on a yacht in Croatia is gaining more and more popularity among tourists from all over the world, as it allows you to see the country from a completely different angle. So what are the features of this kind of recreation in Croatia?

  • Optimum conditions: in Croatia there is beautiful warm weather. There is also a large number of comfortable marinas, seafront resort towns and wild bays, which contributes to an excellent holiday.
  • Seasonality. The most favorable time for yachting is from June to September.
  • Attractions. By renting a yacht in Croatia and trying different tourist itineraries, you will have a great opportunity to see many interesting and beautiful places.

Places obligatory to visit in Croatia:

  • Trogir. It is an ancient city, a real treasure for art lovers and connoisseurs, as many small houses, various churches, restaurants and stores in Baroque and Renaissance style have been preserved here.
  • Split. All who are fond of yachting in Croatia are aware that this city is the world famous starting point for sea cruises and the second largest city in the country. A large number of attractions, an interesting cultural program, the gallery of sculptor Meštrović, a walk in the park Marjan make this city the most important naval base.
  • Milna is the safest place for sailing holidays in the summer season, because it has no winds and storms. Near Milna there are many different bays and beaches (Maslinova, Lucice), which will amaze you with their beauty and tranquility.
  • Skradin. A small and cozy town with modern marinas, which holds a rich history. The entire center of Skradin is a unique monument of architecture with many houses in the Italian style of the 18th and 19th centuries. The cozy atmosphere and friendliness of the locals complement the place well. There is also the famous Krka Park, which boasts an abundance of its beautiful waterfalls.

Yachting in Croatia will appeal to anyone who loves a vacation at sea and is tired of the usual hotel vacations. Do not lose the opportunity to try and learn something new and get unforgettable impressions and emotions from the sea voyage on a yacht!

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