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Turkey from the sea – yacht cruise

November 19, 2021

We invite you to rediscover the country where Europe and Asia meet.

Day 1:

Yacht cruise. Acquaintance with Gocek. Gocek is a small Turkish fishermen town, formerly called Kalimce. Here you can visit the national park and admire the unspoiled local nature, you can also learn more about the history of the town and look at the ruins of ancient Kalimce. At the local market, you can stock up on groceries or buy fresh seafood at one of the restaurants.

Transfer to Kapi Creek. This region between Fethiye and Gocek is renowned for its extraordinary beauty. Kapi Creek is a picturesque bay protected from the sea wind by rocks and trees that go straight to the water. The famous boat restaurant Kapi Creek is located here, as well as a small bakery. On the restaurant’s terrace, you can admire the fantastic sunset over the Aegean Sea.
You can choose to stop at the marina, go swimming, stroll around Merdivenli Bay and look out over Seagull Bay, or hike up the hills and visit the ruins of ancient Greek settlements.

Day 2:

Sea voyage along the coast to Ekincik (only 29 miles). On the second day, you will take a cruise to Marmaris and Dalyan. In the Ekincik area there is a sheltered marina and catamarans for a stopover.
You can walk in the local pine forest, or explore the caves along the coast. You can also take a short trip down the Dalyan River by motorboat. Its target is the ancient Greek city of Kaunos, (UNESCO World Heritage Site), where you can see the remains of an ancient theater and citadel, as well as several tombs of the kings that are carved right into the rock.
Do not deny yourself the pleasure of visiting this unique place, it is worth it. We also offer you a choice of local mud baths with healing properties.

Day 3:

Boat trip to Gemiler Island (34 miles total). Gemiler Island is also known as St. Nicholas Island. Presumably, the first grave of St. Nicholas was located here. We advise you to climb the highest hill and see with your own eyes the ruins of several ancient churches, which were built in the 4-6 centuries, these are one of the first Christian churches.
They are carved right into the rocks. From above, you will have a breathtaking view of the coast and the sea. The island is very popular with tourists, so we recommend that you arrive there as early as possible in order to take a place for mooring.
You can swim here, but the bottom is littered with stones, so it is recommended to wear special shoes so as not to injure your feet.

Day 4:

Yacht cruise to Kizikuyruk Koyu (total – 13 miles). You can stop at the Kapıdağ Peninsula, drop anchor and swim in a picturesque bay with crystal clear water and an abundance of marine life – this is a great place for diving.

Day 5:

Sea voyage to Fethiye (total – 13 miles). The Greek city of Telmessos was once located here. The region is rich in its archaeological sites and ruins of the ancient world. Here you will find an ancient Roman theater, a medieval castle from the 15th century, and to the south of the city, the stone tombs of Amyntas, part of the ancient settlement of Lycia. They are just 20 minutes’ walk from the harbor.

Day 6:

Yacht cruise to Wall Bay (15 miles total). Wall Bay is perhaps the best diving spot on the west coast of Turkey. You can also go shopping at the local beach and have lunch or dinner at the local family restaurant, Adaia, only accessible by boat.

Day 7: Return to Gocek.

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