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New Year on a catamaran in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea

November 19, 2021

Cuba is an island state located in the northern part of the Caribbean Sea. This wonderful country is famous for its own magnificent beaches with white sand, crystal clear waters, tobacco plantations from which the world’s best Cuban cigars are produced, and endless blue skies. It is here that Sparks Life invites you to celebrate the New Year on a catamaran sailing.

Celebrating the New Year in Cuba – a comfortable catamaran, azure water and beautiful landscapes

Cruise description

Our amazing sailing trip will last 8 days and 7 nights. We will make the transitions on a comfortable catamaran Lagoon 620. This cozy and safe 18.9 m long vessel is equipped with everything you need to relax. There are 6 comfortable cabins with a bathroom and a bathroom, with a total capacity of 12 people, an equipped galley and a salon, where it is so cozy to gather for breakfast or dinner.
The cruise will run from October 26, 2020 to January 2, 2021. We would like to draw your attention to the program of our wonderful trip.

Day 1

By 18:00 we will arrive at the Cienfuegos Marina, where we will check in, meet and dine until midnight. We will spend the night on board the yacht.

Day 2

Today we leave hospitable Cienfuegos and head towards the island of Guano del Este. At 7:30 a delicious breakfast awaits us, after which at 9:00 we will make the trek for about 5-6 hours. After lunch, there will be an exciting fishing trolley. Then we will visit the beautiful island of the Los Canarreos archipelago, where we will swim in clear, azure water. After dinner we will stay here for the night.

Day 3

On the third day of our tour we will have breakfast at 7:30 as usual, and already at 9:00 we will start the trek, which will take 2 hours 30 minutes, towards the island of Cayo Largo. We will make a stop next to the famous Playa Sirena beach so that you can swim in the turquoise water and soak up the white sand. We will sail and walk along the beach, and after lunch on board, at 14:30, our yacht will be de-anchored and will sail to Cayo Rico for 40 minutes. Here we will also swim, kayak, hike and even meet iguanas.

Day 4

At 9:00 (after breakfast) we will head towards Quinto Canal Island. The transition will last only half an hour. Here we are waiting for walks in the area, admiring amazing landscapes and kayaking along the canals of the mango forest. After lunch we will proceed to Ballanetos Reef, where we will snorkel and observe the local inhabitants – thousands of fish of various bizarre colors and shades. At about 17:30, our yacht will sail to Cayo Largo – an island of amazing beauty with a lot of sandy beaches.
At 19:30 you will have dinner on board the catamaran or an evening in one of the local restaurants (from 35EUR per person).

Day 5

After breakfast, which will take place invariably at 7:30, we will go shopping and then proceed to the turtle farm. There are individuals whose age has stepped over the century mark. At 9:30 we will weaken the anchor and make the 1.5 hour trek to Rosario Reef. Here we will swim, dive, admire the corals, and stay for lunch. At 14:30 we will proceed to the beautiful beach of Rosario. After a half hour sailing, our yacht will drop anchor near this amazing place. Canarreos Beach is 2.5 kilometers of white, soft sand and stunningly clear water. We will swim, walk and stay here overnight.

Day 6

After breakfast, as usual, at 7:30 am, we will walk to the inner lagoon, get acquainted with the unique representatives of the local fauna and flora, many of which live only in this area. After lunch, our course will be towards Cayo Estopa. The road will take only 30 minutes, after which we will swim and go kayaking again. We will stay overnight here.

Day 7

Immediately after breakfast we will sail to Cayo Largo Marina, where we will arrive at around 9:30 am. Here we will have rest and shopping. We will have lunch at anchor in Playa Sirena, and at 14:00 we will sail for two and a half hours to Cayo Sal.
We will have dinner while admiring the stunning sunset, and at 19:00 we will start the 5-6 hour return journey to the Cienfuegos Marina.

Day 8

Today we have a farewell breakfast. At 10:00 we will arrive at Cienfuegos Marina. Sparks Life will be delighted to see you on our next travels.

Cruise cost

Price – 2,155 EUR per person.

Price with a 10% discount – 1903EUR per person (accommodation in a double cabin).

The price includes:

  • settling in a cabin with a bathroom and a shower (accommodation for 2 people);
  • breakfasts, lunches and dinners;
  • crew services – skipper, steward / cook;
  • 2 sets of bed linen, bath towels and for the beach (per guest 7 days);
  • hot and fresh water;
  • water sports, kayak, snorkelling equipment;
  • ship insurance.

Paid additionally:

  • flight by air;
  • transfer from the airport and back;
  • drinks (non-alcoholic and bar);
  • tourist tax – 160EUR per person (must be paid in cash at the airport);
  • open bar – 100EUR per person (available on request, wines not included).
Due to weather or technical reasons, the itinerary may be subject to minor changes that will not be notified in advance.
The above route times may not be correct depending on weather conditions.
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