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Tour to Iceland

November 19, 2021

Tour to Iceland. Cost – € 2200.

With 22.07 on 29.07, designed for 16 people.


  • Departure from Kiev (Boryspol) 22.07 to 4.45;
  • arrival in Riga at 6.35;
  • flight from London to 8.20;
  • Arrival Reykjavik (Keflavik) at 9.15;
  • view tickets Basic / economy class.


  • Departure from Reykjavik (Keflavik) 29.07 to 10.00;
  • arrival in Riga in 16.40;
  • departure from Riga 18.15;
  • Arrival to Kiev (Boryspol) in 20.00;
  • view tickets Basic / economy class.

Rate – € 310 + tax.

Advantages of traveling with the company Sparks.

  1. An experienced team of professionals.
  2. Rich, full adventure program.
  3. Absolute immersion in the country.

We do not sit still. The program is full of events and impressions. Every day is full of adventures, from trekking excursions and to relax with the extreme. This is a unique architectural route, giving the opportunity to know the country as much as possible, to see its main sights and secret places.

Learn how the locals live, to get acquainted with their ceremonies and customs. Logistics movement is built in such a way that the trip had been as short as possible and comfortable. Easy selection of the season – we’re going to Iceland at a time when staying in the country the most favorable.

  1. Professional support.

Our guests are always greeted with the best guides of Iceland, fluent in Russian language.

  1. Small groups.

All our teams up to 16 people.

  1. Comfortable accommodation.

We choose to populate the extremely favorable conditions for reliable, proven local hotels or accommodation formats.

  1. You can fully trust the company Sparks.

We – the tour operator, which works only with the official local representatives.

  1. Caring about customers.
  2. Contract without gimmicks and footnotes.
  3. Transparent budget.

Plan a summer trip to Iceland – Tour to Iceland

Day 1: Introduction.

So you’ve arrived at Keflavik, where you will meet an English speaking guide. With him you will go to the Blue Lagoon, where going to stay about 2 hours. You relax in the hot thermal water after a long, tiring airfare. After completing relax in the Blue Lagoon, you can stay for a delicious feast in the evening «Lava» restaurant, and then go to a hotel in Reykjavík.

From the airport to the Blue Lagoon it will take about 20 minutes. On the road from the lagoon to the center of the capital of Iceland will take 40 to 50 minutes.

Day 2: Travel to the Golden Ring – Tour to Iceland

This is the traditional tour of the capital of the beautiful Iceland. You will visit the most important places near Reykjavik. Golden Ring – a shortened version of Iceland. After spending approximately 10 hours and driving about 250 kilometers, you check all that is rich in local nature: covered with mosses ancient lava fields, volcanoes, waterfalls and river, geyser and thermal water. you will also be able to admire their own eyes the glacier.

Here are the main stop of the tour:

  • beautiful waterfall Gullfoss;
  • huge tectonic fault in Thingvellir National Park;
  • Strokkur geyser that can beat a height of 30 m. every 5 minutes.

The afternoon will be devoted to a short trip on the speed boat Riverjet. We walk along the glacial river hvítá, which translates as “White River”. It is a dramatic adventure in which you will overcome the rapids waterway and easily fit even in the sharp turns. But we should remember that, if any of the guests a weak spine, or back injury took place, it is better to refrain from this journey. Do not forget to inform us in advance about this.

The journey will be long and full of adventures. We will come back to the capital around 19.00. In one of the establishments located in the central part of the capital, it will reserve a table for you.

Day 3: Journey to the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago – Tour to Iceland

Near the southern coast of Iceland settled Vestmanskie island. The path to the crossing takes less than two hours from the capital. Also about 30 minutes we spent on the ferry trip. Here we will have a lot of exciting things.

Speed ​​boat to take us to the marine sightseeing trip around the main island. We will visit the sea caves, cliffs and examine the relief will see thousands of birds.

Upon returning to the dock, we will have enough time to study the inside of the island. In 1973 the eruption was Heymaey Eldfedl. Lava buried part of the city. A layer of ashes covered the streets and houses up to the roofs.

The road up to the volcano, it is not difficult, we can easily go up there to see the archipelago, Iceland and the Atlantic from the summit. You can feel the fading heat once an active volcano.

Before returning on the ferry, do not forget to visit the museum dedicated to the eruption. The exhibition is located directly at the site, buried under the ashes of buildings.

This long, at least 12 hours, excursion day will remain in your memory forever. Return to Reykjavik will be no earlier than 9:00 pm. After such a rich experience on the day a late dinner is appropriate. To reserve a table at the restaurant we were bothered.

Day 4: Travel to Torsmerk Jeep – Tour to Iceland

Right from the morning after you arrive super modern and agile mega-SUV. On this car we will go to the famous valley Torsmerk. It is located in the south and sheltered from cyclones permanent glaciers and mountain ranges. Because of this placement of the valley boasts a special climate conditions.

With a more stable weather events in the area grow such plants, which can not be found in other parts of Iceland.

Torsmerk Valley is particularly beautiful. Mega-SUV is needed for quick and easy overcoming of river fords that block the way in this area.

On the way we will visit Glacier Gigokutl descending from the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano erupted in 2010. Then he caused a lot of harm to Iceland and stalled the air communication in Europe.

On the journey will take at least 10 hours, and we will come to the capital of Iceland, just in time for dinner. The evening will be planned in such a way that you have time to freshen up before the meal. Restaurant reservations will be reserved in advance.

Day 5: Trip to the south bank – Tour in Iceland

At present, we have planned a trip along the south coast to the most famous beach Reynisfyara. Element north winds and waves, striking black Coast, petrified trolls – tourists from all over the world come here to see this unique spectacle.

During the trip you will have a meeting with the amazing waterfalls and seljalandsfoss skógafoss hidden in a mountain canyon waterfall Glyuvrabui. In addition, we will go to Cape Dirholaey, with which it is possible to see stunning views of the Atlantic.

During the journey to the black beach we are on for a while we forget about the thrill. It’s time to plunge into the contemplation of great natural beauty and incredible species of Iceland.

Upon arrival in Reykjavik you, as always, will be waiting on the eve of a reserved table in the restaurant.

Day 6. Artificial Langjökull glacier corridor – Tour in Iceland

Today we will travel to the west of the country in the area Borgarfyord. On the way to the main location on the tour we’ll pick the most powerful hot spring in Europe on behalf of Deyldartunguhver that spews about 180 liters of hot water per second.

In addition, we will look at a waterfall Hreynfoss, whose name translates as “Lava Falls.” Water from it stems from centuries of mass streams of lava column.

But the main purpose of our trip is to visit the tunnel Langjökull glacier. It is the second largest glacier in Iceland. In the interior of the latter dug a cave, once in which tourists are in this icy world. We will be available to consider a variety of configurations and texture of ice layers of ash in the ice thickness indicating past eruptions.

This is an amazing place, which did not need to worry about the cold. Before visiting the tunnel, you have to be dressed in warm overalls. Directly to the entrance you will take the passenger truck, created on the basis of military transport. In the glacier will you be not more than 40 minutes, but the experience will forever be with you.

Transfer to the tourist base will take some period of time. Overall, quite a long journey. But every minute of the tour is worth it. As always, on returning to the city you will have to wait for a table at the restaurant.

Day 7: Visit of the volcano crater.

Today you expect a real jewel of the excursion program – descent into the magma chamber of a volcano crater Trihnukagigur. It erupted about 4 thousand years ago. However, he behaved quite differently than classical volcanoes that spills lava on the surface, leaving behind an open groove.

Trihnukagigur not created a crater, lava, for unknown reasons, had gone back into the interior, creating a hollow space inside a mountain at 120 m. The bottom of the size as a regular football field, and we descend into this abyss.

It is the only volcano known to people of this kind. Visit to the bottom of the crater is carried out using a commercial elevator made from German steel. The path, which is also the unforgettable fascinating attractions will take about fifteen minutes.

Inside the crater, we spend about 30 minutes looking at the colorful walls and drops of water falling on the bottom for about four thousand years.

Crater visit precedes a slight hike, due to the location of the volcano at a distance of 3 kilometers from the highway. We’ll get cut from the car park to Trihnukagigura lasting about 45 minutes. The same time we need for the return journey. On the basis of the volcano to all travelers offering a delicious, hot meat soup.

The crater is located a 30-minute drive from the capital of Iceland, so the whole trip takes less than 5 hours. Afternoon free for tourists. You can walk around the city and buy souvenirs for friends and relatives. In the evening, on the already established tradition, you will have to wait to reserve a table in the restaurant.

Day 8. Catching fish in the sea and a farewell dinner.

On our last day, we will go on a fishing trip! In the morning in the Old Port you will wait for the boat. Taking all the necessary equipment, we perform a small jump in Reykjavik bay to get themselves provisions for lunch. The water area of ​​the capital of Iceland may catch mackerel, catfish, cod, flounder, and haddock.

Spending no more than two hours of fishing, we score the hold of the ship in such a way that we can enjoy the delicious fresh fish, without leaving the boat. The skipper will cook your catch on the grill.

After such a delicious lunch and an exciting fishing as a rule, you want to just relax and enjoy every moment of happiness. He waited until a little bliss weaken their own embrace, we will continue acquaintance with the hospitable country.

Now we will go on a small tour of the bars of the capital, for tasting different beers. Breweries of Iceland followed German technology and Czech production of beer. Beer made from imported components. However, there is one aspect that makes it one of the most delicious in the world. It’s a wonderful, soft water.

After tasting the foam we go on a small vacation to the new forces to get together for a farewell dinner in a restaurant in the capital.

Day 9: The way home.

That came to an end this exciting, adventurous trip. At certain times of the car will take you from the hotel door to the airport, where it will undergo the registration procedure for the flight to Riga. Way from Reykjavik to Keflavik airport will take approximately 40 minutes.

Included in the price:

  • guide who speak Russian;
  • Premium tickets to the Blue Lagoon;
  • Walk with a group on a boat on the river hvítá;
  • journey on the modern jeep to the valley Torsmerk plus grill;
  • trip with a group Langjökull ice tunnel;
  • a trip with a group of sea around the archipelago Vestmannaeyjar;
  • take a ferry to the islands Vestmanskih;
  • a visit with a group of volcano Trihnukagigur;
  • fishing with a group in the bay Reykjavik;
  • preparation of the catch on board the boat;
  • farewell dinner of three courses, not including alcohol;
  • beer tasting.

The price does not include:

  • hotel accommodation;
  • food, except as indicated in the program;
  • optional excursions;
  • alcohol.

What you should bring:

  • comfortable clothes and shoes, suitable for outdoor activities;
  • bathing accessories.

For detailed advice, contact our specialist.

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