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Cheap private jets

August 26, 2021

Cheap private jets – the top 5 models

Cheap private jets. There is an opinion that the purchase of a private jet – the prerogative of only large oligarchs. Recently, however, it is doubtful reliability of the stereotype – there are those planes, which can be purchased cheaply, regardless of their type.

Among the low-cost affordable options for private aircraft have instances of different categories and models of compact and mid-size samples, and heavy jets.

Ultralight liner Cirrus Vision Jet – Cheap Private Jets

Very modest cost is a model aircraft Cirrus Vision Jet – the purchase of this small but powerful aircraft will cost you less than 110 million rubles.

Technical filling of the sample, unique of its kind, includes a motor set in motion by the turbofan engine Williams International FJ33-5A. Link to such an engine is 1,800 pounds.

This small-sized aircraft can be piloted both its owner and hired them to pilot. This instance has a maximum speed of 555 km / h and is able to fly at an altitude of 8000 m.

The cabin of the liner, which has a height of 1.22 m and a width of 1.52 m, is large enough, and its windows – large. The aircraft has seven seats – five adults and two more – children.

Laner light class Cessna Citation CJ3 + – Cheap Private Jets

If the model Cirrus Vision Jet cramped for you, we offer you an alternative in the form of modern airliner Cessna Citation CJ3 +. The price of such aircraft – only 447 million rubles. This sample was created five years ago, it has become an updated modification of its predecessor Cessna Citation CJ3.

Priority features of new items has been to improve the comfort of its cockpit and advanced technical equipment.

Model Cessna Citation CJ3 + capable to overcome air over a distance of 3200 km without further filling and transporting luggage to 454 kg load. The cabin of the aircraft, accommodating a maximum of nine passengers, has a length of 4.82 m, and the performance of its height and width is 1.25 m.

This ship is equipped with fourteen large portholes, folding chairs and even a small bathroom. Interestingly, the baseline sample Cessna Citation CJ3 in 2011 has been recognized by experts as the best among the jets of light weight category – it is noted in the publication Robb Report.

A midsize jet Cessna Citation XLS + – Cheap Private Jets

Sample Cessna Citation XLS +, which acquired the reputation of the rating for business-jet sales on a global scale, it is proposed to acquire the same at an attractive price – for 715 million rubles.

This ship model is versatile and amazing performance during the flight distance of any range. Cessna Citation XLS + has substantially cruising speed of 816 km / h and is able to overcome the distance without refueling in 3380 km.

The cabin of the aircraft parts in a class of mid-sized ships is the biggest – its dimensions are 5,67h1,77h1,77 m Salon liner is equipped with seats, wrapped in leather, are completely decomposed, and folding tables.. The vessel has nine seats and is equipped with special dining room.

Business Jet super middle category Cessna Citation Sovereign +

In the class of ships of average parameters most suitable for the cost of a copy of Cessna Citation Sovereign +. The cost of this business jet little more than a billion rubles. This ship is flying at a distance of up to 5200 km. For example, his ability to fly without landing for fuel filling stations from Thailand to Dubai city.

The advantage of the ship began its excellent take-off functionality – this aircraft, which differs from analog images category requires a fairly short strip for takeoff and landing.

The cabin of the corresponding aircraft, equipped with twelve passenger seats, has dimensions 7,71 h 1,71 m with a ceiling height of 1.77 m Jet Cessna Citation Sovereign + was the best in its category in terms of transportation of luggage -. It holds up to 650 kg.

Heavy jet Embraer Legacy 650E

Despite the fact that all heavy aircrafts differ shocking, in fact, the astronomical cost of this rule there is a pleasant exception.

Gorgeous heavy model Embraer Legacy 650E can buy half a billion rubles – that’s terrific bargain (especially when you consider that the analog liner Gulfstream g550 is worth more than twice as much)!

The aircraft Embraer Legacy 650E overcomes distances without refueling in record 6300 km, so it can easily fly without a stopover from Munich to New York. Inside, the ship has three individual passenger areas with a total capacity of 13 people – so some passengers, while others work can be in flight time to rest.

Buying plane, we recommend to take into account not only the cost but also the cost of that operation would require private airliner, means for monitoring its safety, insurance claims, wages of pilots and investments required for the interior design of the aircraft.

From these problems will save you the order, renting a private jet. ordering charter flight with us, you will get a number of personalized offers, favorable price.

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