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TOP new berths for mega yachts

August 26, 2021

In this top we will offer you 10 of the best new marinas

Which can mark the biggest yachts and provide the best conditions for their maintenance.

Caroline bay

Caroline Cove is located on the well-known Bermuda Islands. It is perfect for those who decide to sail a super yacht to the Bay of Little Sound. This bay can accommodate large vessels, whose length reaches 90 meters. There are 30 places for large ships of 30 meters and 80 for small yachts and boats up to 25 meters.

During the May and June hot days, the most intense events take place in Caroline Bay. During this period, various events take place: fascinating cruises, during which you can meet the sunset in the midst of the waves, tasting alcoholic beverages, day tours to various places and the most original themed meals on the water.

Golfito marina village

In Costa Rica, there is one beautiful resort area that will be home to even large-sized yachts. The coastal settlement Golfito was built for 5 years and today it can accommodate super yachts up to 120 meters long. Waves of the Pacific are not afraid of the pier, because it is located in the bay and is protected from constant tides.

The safe environment is provided 24/7, because here the current rarely exceeds 1.5 knots, and the wind, on average, ranges from 5 to 7 knots. The yacht club will welcome guests who have special privileges in the hotel.

There are several restaurants, a lounge with cigars, a personal concierge, a bar filled with alcohol, and a large cozy courtyard for evening gatherings overlooking the ocean.

Caladel forte

Caladel Forte marina, located in Ventimiglia (Italy), is located 15 km from the Principality of Monaco. The local conditions of maintenance of yachts allow you to choose one of 170 moorings, as well as reserve a place for as much as 40 years.

Caladel Forte will accommodate yachts from 6 to 60 meters. The pier was completely completed in the summer of 2018 and today has almost no free space. Waiting for a free pier lasts for months, and in the summer more than 50 applications for entry permission are rejected every day – there is simply no room.

Ibiza old town

This marina was completed and increased from the maximum length of the yachts of 40 meters to 185 meters. Now the quality of service has become even better, and with it the flow of visitors that provide the local economy has increased. The renewed marina began working just as the Mediterranean season began in 2017.

Quite often, permission to enter is requested by wealthy individuals – guests from different parts of the world come here, and they all have different positions in society. Ibiza Old Town is often called the pearl of the Western Mediterranean. High-ranking guests come here just to relax and enjoy the company of other Hollywood stars.

By the way, representatives of the royal courts of Europe were noticed here, and this already means a lot.

Nanny cay

Nanny Cay, located in Tortola and part of the British Virgin Islands, is designed for 300 berths. The plot also has a newly built cozy restaurant, resort area, boutiques and a gym.It is noteworthy that in the near future the marina will have houses for living.

In addition, Nanny Cay not only offers a comfortable and high-quality home for yachts – it also creates 100 new places and provides people with jobs. Those who decide to rest on these   Islands, using a yacht as a vehicle, will not regret if they stay in this beautiful place, where the ship will be accurately taken care of.

Marina d`Arechi

Marina Marina d’Arechi, located in Salerno, in Italy, was completed relatively recently. Now it can accommodate 1000 moorings, of which 80 can be used for luxury yachts up to 100 meters long. Marina d`Arechi is famous for its unique natural foundation and ecological, clean, safe   by design.

The water basin used for yachts alone consists of 340 thousand square meters! The updated and improved marina is now part of Camper & Nicholsons Marinas.

This pier has received the title of international, because today it will welcome everyone who wants to relax in comfort and safety. Exquisite lifestyle awaits you in Marina d`Arechi!

Dubaii Harbor

The pier, located in the United Arab Emirates, has set itself the goal of getting the title of the best for mega yachts. The creators of the project have ideas that will help the construction of a new pier. Plans to make this place the largest in the Middle East and North Africa.

Based on the assumptions, Dubai Harbor will have as many as 1,400 berths, in which you can arrange swimming vehicles up to 85 meters long. In addition to a large number of marinas, the area being built will include cruise ships and shopping centers, an event space, a yacht club and a residence zone.

In addition to this, the berth will be equipped with two helicopter landing sites – according to the plan, the project creators want guests of the jetty in the United Arab Emirates to get here both from land and by sea and even air.

Ayia Napa Marina

The bay is located in Cyprus and holds 600 yachts. The final construction is planned to be completed in 2021. During this period, the pier will increase capacity and be able to issue permission to enter the yachts, whose length reaches 80 meters.

Ayia Napa Marina pier itself was designed so as to minimize the breakwater, while ensuring a comfortable stay of the vessel on the pier.

Specialists working on the marina offer a wide range of services for the maintenance and care of swimming vehicles. The pier includes not only 600 places for yachts, it is also planned to build a beach club and special living rooms for the crew.

Since Ayia Napa Marina is located near the village of Pyare, she acts as a shopping center for her, where visitors can go to the store, cafe, restaurant, and also attend various activities along the promenade. Completion of the project has only a couple of years to wait.

The creators of the plan suggest that the revolution in the history of Cyprus yachts will not end there – they will continue to work on new tasks, while improving the old ones.

Port Takola Yacht Marina

Port Takola Yacht Marina, located on the island of Krabi in Thailand, until recently was a small haven for small vessels. Now, thanks to the ambitious project and the efforts made, the 110-acre site contains 48 berths that can accommodate sailing vessels up to 40 meters long.

The port offers its visitors refined hotel rooms, a large hotel with a resort area, as well as natural roads and museums. The construction of the Port Takola Yacht Marina fell during the period when the Prime Minister of Thailand announced that the state should be made central in the matter of super yachts.

That is why Thailand was the first to issue an international license for large vessels. This stimulated the attendance of the resort country and brought a lot of income to the owners of the marinas.

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort

Miraggio Thermal Spa Resort is located in Chalkidiki, Greece. This new marina includes a large, chic five star hotel. East Coast of Kassandra will delight its guests with a clean and calm sea. The port itself can accommodate large yachts up to 40 meters.

The creators of the project also took care of the integrity of the yachts themselves: they took into account the increase in water circulation, thereby minimizing the multiplication and development of bacteria that can damage the hulls of vehicles.

Berth guarded around the clock. It has all the necessary civilizational benefits: on the territory there is a petrol station, a restaurant and a cozy cafe, water and electricity supply, Wi-Fi, a gas station.

The pier is located in the heart of the Miraggio Thermal Spa resort area, which has spread more than 330 acres. The pier includes a helipad for greater accessibility and comfort for large yacht owners. Get detailed advice.

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