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Yacht charter in Greece

November 21, 2021

Yacht charter in Greece is a chance to visit the cradle of Western civilization, where the greatest political figures, philosophers, historians were born, as well as those who made a great contribution to art, medicine, trade and sports.

Renting a yacht in Greece is a great opportunity to see not only interesting historical places, but also to get acquainted with the history, culture and flora of the Mediterranean.

You can visit as many as 4 seas: the east is washed by the Aegean, the west is the Ionian, the south is the Mediterranean and the Cretan.

The country is located in the southern part of Europe, and it also has a common border with the Turkish, Bulgarian, Albanian and Macedonian regions.Approximately ¼ of the state is more than 2 thousand islets, of which approximately 230 are inhabited.

An interesting fact: as early as last year, several dozen unpopulated islets were sold or offered for long-term lease.A trip on a yacht on the waters of this state is an opportunity to see places that have been mentioned more than once in the works of various writers and philosophers.

For example, Shakespeare described Corfu in the form of a stormy paradise garden, while Lawrence and Gerald Darrels who lived here in the 1930s also captured it in their works.The island of Kefalonia was described in the book “Mandolin of Captain Corelli” by Louis de Bernier.

The largest and most famous places for yachting in Greece:

  • Crete;
  • Rhodes;
  • Evia;
  • Lesbos

The Aegean Sea contains as many as 3 groups of islands: Cyclades, Northern Sporades and Dodecanese. The Ionian Islands are located west of the walnut shores.

The largest island washed by the Ionian Sea is Kefalonia.You can start your journey from Athens, Rhodes or Santorini (Aegean Sea), Corfu or Lefkada (Ionian Sea) or rent a swimming transport vessel on the island of Crete.

Athens – Yacht charter in Greece

In Athens, you can see the main sights of the capital of Greece – become a guest of the Acropolis and Daphne’s monastery. Excellent shopping areas, cozy restaurants and an active nightlife harmoniously connect with each other, thanks to which many tourists from all over the world come here.

Crete – Yacht charter in GreeceThe largest for a trip on a yacht is the Greek island of Crete. It is washed by the Cretan Sea from the north, Ionian from the west, Libyan from the south. Interesting places of Crete is unrealistic to look at all week.

You can become a guest of Zeus’s cave, the Minotaur Labyrinth, the Palace of Knossos, and in the capital Heraklion – the Venetian fortress, the Cathedral of St. Mina, the Church of St. Mark, the old port.

There are many bars and restaurants, so an active nightlife is available here.Ionian Islands – Yacht charter in GreeceThe Ionian Islands are the second “Greek Caribbean.” There is a lot of lush greenery that is in harmony with the turquoise of the sea and the gold of the beaches.

The islands are located along the perimeter from the west of the Peloponnese and the mainland of Greece, 320 km from Athens in the Ionian Sea (Adriatic).

The largest islands of Greece, where you can visit while traveling on a yacht:

  • Corfu;
  • Paxi;
  • Lefkada;
  • Kythira

Historically, the Ionian Islands ruled for centuries and Rome, and Venice, and Turkey, and even France. Therefore, the Ionian Islands were formed under the influence of different cultures.

Renting a yacht in Corfu, you can visit places that are UNESCO World Heritage sites. In addition, there are many other interesting places, including entertainment.

Every tourist must necessarily scuba dive to see the whole colorful flocks of tropical fish. Here you can also find octopus, sea turtles and moray eels. Sailing or motor yacht is an ideal option for a holiday in Greece, because here you can even find seals (near the island of Zakynthos).

Cyclades Islands – Yacht charter in Greece

The Cyclades Archipelago (Aegean Sea) consists of 220 islands. The largest of them are:

  • Paros;
  • Syros;
  • Sifnos;
  • Santorini.

Paros is considered an island with the very white houses, temples, which adorn blue domes, interesting landscapes, populated by villages. There is also a famous windmill.

Many tourists come here just because of her.Be sure to visit the volcanic Santorini, enjoy the vibrant life at night in Mykonos, do not swim past Delos (because here, according to myths, Apollo and Artemis were born).

It does not matter where you will relax in Greece – there is blue water everywhere, interesting views and friendly people.

Saronic Islands

Be sure to visit the Saronic Islands! This is one of the most popular places after Athens. There is a lush, blooming nature, almost no wind and many interesting locations for recreation.

Tours on the yacht can be visited:

  • Idra;
  • Poros (for lovers of noisy zones);
  • Spetses;
  • Heguin.Hydra is a terrific, expensive resort with a nature reserve. You can walk here on foot or by bike.

There are many tourists in the large harbor of the main port. By renting a yacht, you can see the bustling Poros, which is rich in a wide variety of places and attractions.In Spethses, you can see a mixture of different styles in architecture: there are notes of Byzantium, Venice and neoclassicism.

The local culture and history will not leave anyone indifferent, especially if you visit the temple of Athena Afayi.

Dodecanese Islands

The Dodecanese Islands are 12 large and 120 small islands, which are located in the south-east of the Aegean Sea.

They are very popular for recreation, many tourists choose this place when they are going to travel on a yacht.You can see all the local luxury, ranging from amazing landscapes to unique architecture.

Be sure to visit the reserves: there is a unique flora and fauna.You will be pleasantly surprised if you rent a catamaran and arrive on the island of Nissiros, to a sleeping volcano.

There is also the castle of the Knights of the Order of St. John, in the ancient town of Rhodes, the village of artists in Lindos.By visiting Kos, you can see the place of worship before the god Asclepius and Hippocratic medical school.

Patmos is famous for the place where St. John the Theologian wrote “Revelation” while in captivity.If you want to rent a yacht in Greece – contact us in any way convenient for you and at any time.

You can also book a yacht online on the website!

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