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Yachting in the volcanic Aeolian Islands

November 19, 2021

Yachting in the volcanic Aeolian Islands along the route: Marina di Portorosa – Milazzo – Vulcano – Lipari – Stromboli – Filicudi – Alicudi – Cefalu – Marina di Portorosa.

In the Tyrrhenian Sea, just north of Sicily, is the Lipari archipelago. This group of islands got its name only a few decades ago. Previously, the archipelago was called Aeolian in honor of the ancient Greek god of the winds, Aeolus. According to mythology, it was here that his residence was located.
The islands were formed by a volcanic eruption that continues to this day. For more than three hundred years, the Lipari Archipelago has been considered one of the most important platforms for the study of volcanic eruptions.

Exciting adventures on a luxury yacht with Sparks Life

The company “Sparks Life” invites you to an exciting tour “Yachting in the volcanic Aeolian Islands”. A gentle sea, white sandy beaches, unique active volcanoes, underwater grottoes, the most ancient Sicilian cities and a lot of impressions await us.
The journey takes place on a luxurious, comfortable yacht Bavaria 46 Cruiser. This reliable, durable and spacious vessel was awarded the title of “European Yacht of the Year” in 2015. It should be noted that the Bavaria 46 Cruiser was tacitly recognized as the “queen of comfort”, and this is completely justified. The ship has 4 cabins for 8 passengers, a comfortable common room and 3 bathrooms. There is a lot of free space on the yacht, its length is 14.27 m, and its width is 4.35 m. On board this wonderful vessel, you will fully experience what comfort and safety are.

Travel plan

Our exciting adventure kicks off on April 25, 2020. We go on tour every Saturday.

Day 1.

We arrived at Marina di Portorosa, where we receive the ship and buy food. Portoros Town is an upscale resort with a unique location in the countryside on the seaside. From here you can see the Lipari archipelago. The city is literally shrouded in tall palms, cedar trees and other beautiful vegetation. This settlement can be called Venice in miniature, where you will undoubtedly be delighted with the picturesque nature and wonderful microclimate.
Passage to Milazzo.

Day 2-3.

So we are in Milazzo. According to the plan, we have a walk through the wonderful city, a visit to the fish market and the subsequent transition to Lipari with a stop in Vulcano.
The main memorable place in Milazzo is the fortress, located in the north-east of the city. This is one of the first buildings on this island. The fortress is tacitly considered a copy of the Tower of London. In addition to the bastion, there are many sights here – the city’s Cathedral, the remains of a palace, a church, etc.
The largest island in the archipelago, after which it was named. It is a true outdoor museum. The island was first inhabited during the Neolithic period. In ancient times, thanks to the crossing of sea routes, Lipari was considered a real center of trade.
On the main street of the city, there are many restaurants, banks, shops, which are located in ancient buildings of different eras. The main attraction of Lipari is the Citadel, on the territory of which the palace, a chain of fortifications and walls around the historical monument have been preserved.
This area was the personal forge of the fire god Hephaestus. After climbing the sloping walls of volcanoes, you can recuperate in the warm sulfur mud. We will also have access to kayaking to see the picturesque grottoes and the most beautiful outlines of the “fiery mountains”.
In addition to the sights described above, we will swim in the sea and relax. We will spend the night in Lipari.

Day 4.

We arrived in Stromboli – a truly amazing place! The island is popular for its active volcano. Small lava eruptions are not able to harm the island, because they have been going on for about 20 thousand years.
We will have a couple of hours, which will be enough to go around the whole area, sit a little in a cafe and plunge into the gentle sea. In Stromboli, you can lie on the quaint black sand beach and take many spectacular photos.

Day 5.

According to the plan, we have a transition to Filicudi and Alicudi. This is a great chance to get to know the archaeological site where a Bronze Age settlement was found during excavations. The visiting card of Filicudi is cliffs covered with cacti, underwater caves and crystal clear azure water.
The island of Alicudi is the most calm and peaceful area of ​​the archipelago with an ancient history. Remains of settlements dating from the third millennium BC were found here.

Day 6.

The sixth day of our cruise is the transition to the true diamond of Sicily called Cefala. This island every year, like a magnet, attracts tourists from all over the world. It seems that here you can endlessly stroll along the narrow streets, sit in a cozy restaurant, admiring the sea, sipping delicious aromatic wine and forget about all your problems and worries while enjoying the magnificent sunset.

Day 7.

Return to Marina di Portorosa. On the way, we will rest, swim and enjoy the sea views and the gentle sun.


Month – Date, 7 days:
April – May
27.04 – 04.05
04.05 -11.05
11.05 – 18.05
Price ** 1 person  = 620 EUR
1.06 – 8.06 = 680 EUR
8.06 -15.06 = 680 EUR
15.06 – 22. 06 = 785 EUR
Price ** 1 person
Date, 7 days:
6.07 – 13.07   = 785 EUR
13.07 – 20.07  = 855 EUR
20.07 – 27.07 = 855 EUR
7.09 – 14.09  = 820 EUR
14.09 – 21.09  = 820 EUR
21.08 – 28.09  = 785 EUR
Price ** 1 person
The tour price does not include:
  • flight by plane – Kiev – Catania – Kiev;
  • delivery by transfer: airport – marina – airport – from 5 to 20 EUR per person;
  • sports class insurance – from 5 to 10 EUR per person;
  • team expenses – food, fuel, stops in marinas, transit log – 150-200 EUR per person;
  • outboard engine for a boat – 80 EUR (optional);
  • deposit for the ship.
For newbies:
training – 250 EUR;
skipper’s license – 250 EUR.

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