Corporate holidays on the ship are vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions! On the yacht, the coordination of team actions, excitement, desire to achieve the set task and indescribable happiness from the palm tree are especially felt. The corporate regatta is the perfect sailing holiday.

When you step on board a sailing ship, you find yourself in a completely different world, where courage, leadership qualities, willingness to rush to help, as well as ambition and enthusiasm are valued above all. On the ship, everyone really shows himself, sailing lifts the veil of true feelings and relationships. Nothing brings a team together faster than a common goal – winning the competition!

Corporate regatta

Corporate yacht regattas and conferences
A corporate sailing competition is a prestigious and exciting way to spend time with the team. The regatta is a real chance to show leadership qualities and ability to interact in a team. The birthday of the organization, a meeting of top managers, team building for the department – sailing yachting allows you to organize these events at the highest level. After such a pastime, all participants will be absolutely delighted and will forever remember their vivid emotions.

Sailing team building

This is the best option for strengthening team spirit! Your company’s personal flotilla under the corporate flag and inflating sails is speeding towards victory. Correctly coordinated team actions, correct strategy and collective decisions will certainly lead the most worthy crews to victory.

Quest on the ship

Treasure search “A Thousand Devils!” Get ready to wear a pirate blindfold over one eye, stock up on black marks, and brush up on the adventures of Robert Louis Stevenson. You will go on an adventure on a real corsair schooner! Team building is based on an exciting quest, as a result of which the participants carry out clear, well-coordinated actions, determining the strategy for the movement of their vessel.

Business meeting under sail

The yacht is a great place for holding business meetings of various formats, whether it be a conference or motivation programs.
Corporate regatta

Corporate sailing competition organized by Sparks is a close-knit and motivated team!

Corporate yachting programs:

Team regatta in Kiev.
Duration – 1-2 days.
The total number of participants is from 5 to 500 people.
Corporate regatta abroad – Turkey, Italy, Greece and other countries.
Duration – from 2 to 7 days.
The total number of participants is from 5 to 500 people.
Corporate yachting abroad – any country with access to the sea.
Duration – 7-14 days.
The total number of participants is from 5 to 500 people.
Business meetings on the ship – Italy, France and other countries.
Duration – from 2 to 7 days.
The total number of participants is from 5 people.

Corporate regatta - perfect sailing holiday

The cost of the “corporate regatta” service includes:

  • cruising yacht with a professional skipper on board;
  • full organization and conduct of sailing competition, typical for frigate sport;
  • an exhaustive deepening into real, full of dynamics sailing – teaching the teams the basics of ship control, the participants will learn the skills of “catching the wind”, setting sails, plotting a course, etc.
The best corporate sailing event – with Sparks! You are guaranteed to get a lot of impressions, positive emotions, a sea of ​​happiness and delight!
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