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Rent of private jets

August 26, 2021

Rent of private jets – 5 main advantages of the service

Now the services of a business jet are continuously improving, reaching a more modern level and differing in ever greater comfort. However, this service continues to be the most luxurious and convenient way to travel.

The five top priorities for leasing private air transport are:

1. Individual approach to the customer – everything is taken into account, including the take-off time, the equipment of the aircraft cabin and the kitchen on board.

The flight is entirely focused on the conditions and requirements of the client. Ordering does not imply limitations in terms of the place of landing, the time frame of the flight, the type of aircraft, the features of its equipment and interior design.

2. The aircraft is fully available to the customer.

The composition of the crew and accompanying personnel is agreed with the customer. The client’s authority also includes the choice of the pastime format during the voyage – it can be both official business (negotiations, meeting), and other types (rest, dinner, friendly party, etc.)

3. Availability of a separate terminal and rooms for rest.

At the disposal of the tenant comes a premium terminal. In addition, the client can drive directly to the ramp by private car – the bustle of the airport will not touch it! The accidental delay of the customer is also not terrible – a private flight can be delayed as much as required.

4. There will be no transplants.

Ordering a private plane allows you to fly to any corner of the planet, and the air distance depends only on the type of leased transport.

5. Closest landing.

The place of take-off and landing is determined by the client. A private jet will land at the airport as close as possible to the point you need. It may even be a small air terminal, inaccessible for landing large liners. Thus, your path will be more pleasant, more comfortable and faster!

A small list of these advantages – only a small part of all the priorities of leasing private jets. In some situations, the appropriate method of flight can be justified and financially. For example, if there are many passengers, the price of renting an airplane will be less than the payment for first class air tickets.

Our managers will help to learn more about the conditions of a business jet . Contact and you will receive detailed advice. Our staff will be happy to select for you the most profitable and attractive options.

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