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Fort Boyard and the Fortress la Rochelle

August 02, 2023

Yachting in France along the route: Trinite – Oedik – Nuarmutier-en-L ‘Il – La Rochelle – Ye – LeCruizik – Bel-Il – Trinita.
Our fascinating water tour will begin and end in Trinita. We will make crossings on the cozy and comfortable yacht Oceanis 45. This vessel has 4 beautiful cabins and 2 bathrooms with shower. It can accommodate eight guests and two crew members with comfort.

Plan of a tour – Yachting in France

Our wonderful journey starts from August 2020 every Saturday.

Day 1.

We are met by the city of Nantes, which is one of the six largest megacities in France. It was formerly the capital of the Duchy of Brittany. Its second name is “western Venice.” Here you can see how a lot of small rivers spread. At 2013, the city was planted with many trees, which called it the green center of Europe. Many picturesque parks can now be seen in Nantes. The city is also famous for its most interesting project “Huge Elephant and Nantes Machines.” In fact, both children and adults can ride with pleasure on a giant toy mechanism.

In Nantes, we accept a ship, buy products and go to sea.

Day 2.

The next day we sail to the island of Oedik, which is near the coast of Brittany and near the area of Bel Il. In fact, it is a small island where forty families of fishermen live constantly. During the resort season, the population is increasing due to tourists who have arrived here.

Day 3.

On the third day of our journey, we will visit the city of La Rochelle. This area is one of the most beautiful in France. It is located by the sea. The main street of the city called Pale just heartens you with its own shops. In addition, in La Rochelle you will be able to taste the true culinary masterpieces of French cuisine. Don’t forget to look into the town’s fish restaurants.

Day 4.

It is the turn to visit the legendary Fort Boyard. For sure, when you watched this cult TV show, you wanted to experience those non-transferable emotions experienced by the players. Nowyouwillhavethisopportunity!

Day 5.

We are moving to the small but very beautiful town of Le Croisique. It is known for its own mineral waters and mud hospitals. It is also possible to have excellent rest thanks to the many entertainment offered by the infrastructure of the city. Since ancient times, the population of this port area has existed at the expense of fish and salt production. In addition, there is a salt museum, which will be very interesting to visit. Because of its own location, the city lives in complete unity with nature, but it depends entirely on its whims. There are often tides. During the latter, a mass of marine inhabitants is thrown ashore, which the population subsequently collects. Le Cruizik is also famous for its own snail and oyster farms. It is possible to purchase these delicacies at the fish bazaar here.

Day 6.

On the sixth day of our journey, we will arrive in the city of Bel-Il. This is the most picturesque area in Brittany. You are simply fall in love by the houses here, painted in all shades of pastels, beautiful rocks, quirky seaside villages and magnificent shore. Having visited here, the famous painter Claude Monet created his masterpiece “Rocks of Bel-Il.” The French simply adore this island and buy country houses here or just come for a summer holiday. We recommend you to visit local restaurants where you serve the most fresh, delicious gifts of the sea and aromatic cider.

Day 7.

On the last day of our unforgettable tour of the Brittany Islands, we arrive in Trinita and surrender the vessel.

Sparks Life wishes you all the best and will be sincerely glad to see you again!

Travel cost

Yachting in France : the price of our yacht tour is 880 EUR per seat or 1760 EUR per cabin.

What included in the price:

  • Lease of the vessel;
  • The services of a skipper who speaks Russian;
  • Set of ware;
  • Gas;
  • First and final nights at the port.

Paid in addition:

  • Flight – Kiev (other city) – Nantes and back – from 300 EUR per person;
  • Delivery by transfer from airport to marina and back – from 15 to 50 EUR per person;
  • Sports class insurance – from 5 to 10 EUR per person;
  • Towels and bed linen set – 20 EUR;
  • Command expenses – food, fuel, stops in marinas – 250-300 EUR per person, plus engine – 120 EUR;
  • Cleaning – 150 EUR;
  • Ship’s insurance – EUR 2,500 (returned at the end of the journey);
  • Visa (if necessity) – 55 EUR.

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