Seychelles cruise for the New Year


Mahe – La Digue – Cocos Islands – Praslin – Grande Seur – Curieuse – Saint Pierre – Mahe

New Year is always something special, so why not celebrate it in a special place? Many go north in search of snow and Santa Claus, but we suggest you travel south, in the Seychelles cruise. You can soak up the warm tropical sun, swim in the ocean and sail on a snow-white catamaran. The local natives still believe in magic, and spirits live in the forests. Who has not seen the Seychelles in its history. Vasco da Gama sailed here back in 1502 and opened the Amirant Islands to the world, there were also Madagascar pirates and all kinds of treasure seekers. And already in the XX century, the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau showed the whole world the real wealth of the Seychelles – their diverse underwater world.

As you already understood, fishing lovers will feel like paradise here. You can go to sea on a rented yacht or catamaran. In the Seychelles “blue marlin” is found, by the way, here it lives very close to the coast, so you won’t have to sail far into the sea. There are also special pearl barley farms where you can get a black pearl from the bottom of the Indian Ocean for a small fee!
The Seychelles are simply full of wonders: a bisexual palm tree, which can only be found here, the beautiful beaches of La Digue Island with their pink sand, Coco de Mer walnut, which, according to local beliefs, can cure any disease, huge turtles of Curieuse Island, etc. we will visit interesting and picturesque places of the Seychelles, you will taste the local cuisine and finally meet the New Year in a tropical paradise. How do you like this idea – a cruise in the Seychelles!

Tour cost: 1.990 EUR per person.

Included in the price:

  • Accommodation on the catamaran during the trip – 7 days;
  • 3 meals a day;
  • Professional captain;
  • Transfer from the airport and back;
  • Travel videography;
  • Small trips on an inflatable motor boat;
  • Cleaning the catamaran after the trip;
  • Fuel for the entire route;
  • Bed linen + towels;
  • Insurance.
  • T-shirts with a branded print.
  • Comfort package.Additionally paid:
    Flight to Mahe – 790 euros per person;

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