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Unforgettable journey through Uganda, Rwanda and Congo

November 19, 2021

For completely unjustified reasons, our tourists rarely choose Rwanda, Uganda or Congo to journey. This is totally unfair, given that it is possible to see a large variety of wild animals here in natural conditions, to get acquainted with unique African traditions and to enjoy the most comfortable microclimate. The latter fact cannot but please, as even in the heat itself the air is nothigher than 30 ° C, and in the cold does not decrease less than 16 ° C.

It is believed that the first person appeared at the beginning of the Nile River. Thus, our journey can be called a return to the cradle of the revival of mankind. A Nobel Prize winner, journalist and UK political leader, the legendary Winston Churchill saw Uganda as a true African treasure and was undeniably right. The past dictator of this East African state, Amin Dada, referred to the area as the “heart of the planet.”

Often this phrase is cited as an example of the uneducation and foolishness of this ruler and on a part-time cannibal, but in them, there is a share of truth. It is not unknown that the oldest continent of Gondwana has spread to six mainland. The Earth’s firm has been expanding, but the terrain where Uganda and Rwanda are currently located has not changed its coordinates in such an enormous number of years.

So let ‘s still listen to the cannibal dictator Amin, because the Ludoedans understand some things much better than us. For example, in people. In short, our tour is kind of an expedition to the very heart of the earth!

What’s waiting for us during the journey

As mentioned above, our journey will be filled with a mass of unforgettable impressions and positive emotions. Let’s talk a little bit about what’s so amazing we’re going to see?

To visit pygmies

Many legends and stories state that gnomes appeared on our green planet much earlier than humans. They lived in almost all parts of the world, but with the advent of humanity they began to hide. And then completely moved to impassable places: mountains, debri, underground caves and the like. Various nationalities gave dwarves a variety of names: in Ireland they are leprecons, in Germany – doors and so on.

House, trolls, as they were not named, but contrary to the mass of different names, the essence remains one – sensitive people of small height. They also, like us, are kind or evil. Some help people in every way, and others, on the contrary, seek to harm. Perhaps the gnomes were not the holders of the greatest mind, but they definitely had magical abilities in a complex with perfectly developed intuition. It helped them cope with different difficulties.

Unfortunately, as time passed, these superpowers began to quench. Gnomamwas fed up with constant human ridicule and rivalry, so they left our world and moved to the other side. On that, it would seem, their earthly goal was over. But not all representatives of the small people left us. We have pygmies left with us – African dwarves. Apparently, that was their fatal mistake. But at that distant time, the level of development of the population of Central Africa was quite low and people did not pose a great threat to the gnomes.

Back in the 5th century BC, the ancient Greek “father of history” Herodotus emphasized the first proof of the existence of this amazing folk in past centuries. During his travels in Egypt, one wanderer told him about magicians of small height living deep in the continent. Over time, the height of African dwarfs increased, but at the same time they degraded and increasingly suffered resentment from people.

They lost magical abilities, became more material and could not move to the other world. Local tribes did not perceive pygmy as themselves like them, hunted them like wild animals. This forced the dwarves to go deeper into the woods, but they were also not safe there. The previous hundred years became even more dramatic for them: animals were killed, forests were cut down.

The surviving pygmies grow up in villages. Their poor lives are full of deprivation. To make some money on a “piece of bread,” they have to work for Aboriginal people for food. To date, the number of pygmy people in Central Africa does not exceed 280,000. Unfortunately, this number continues to decline. Of course, if humans built reservations for them, it could slow the extinction of “people the size of a fist,” as the Greeks called them.

However, it is probably just a matter of time. Apparently, their term in this world is still ending. So, as long as there is an opportunity, meet these cute wizards of the rainforest, as soon there will be only memories and legends left of them.

Familiarity with eastern gorillas

By terrible coincidence, these beautiful, strong animals may soon share the tragic fate of African dwarves. Extraordinary giants, weighing up to 250 kg, are also on the verge of extinction. There are no more than 800 members of the eastern gorilla species throughout the globe. These confident, luxurious animals have suffered the most from the actions of poachers and the cutting of the jungle. They, like no one else, need our protection, compassion.

Before you go to get to know these amazing primates, remember: human-like monkeys are very vulnerable to our diseases and infections. But unlike humans, they have absolutely no immunity to human ailments. Even a fragile, thin girl coming from America or Germany can only kill a mighty monkey by sneezing at her. So if you have a cough or illness, don ‘t forget the protective mask. And of course, you shouldn ‘t sneeze on such huge, but such defenseless and good-natured animals.

The most beautiful places of Africa

From pygmy and magnificent gorillas we will pass to the luxurious nature of the revenge here. Picturesque landscapes, waterfalls and, of course, beautiful Neil. Let ‘s take a look at some of the most memorable places.

Mercison Falls National Park

It is perhaps the most picturesque waterfall on a huge river. If we are, as Amin Dada claimed, in the heart of the earth, the Nile is his biggest pulsating artery. The river overturns its own waters in a gorge more than 70 meters long. The speed of the current is furious, thanks to which the foam simply does not have time to settle. However, there is another wonderful waterfall in the park, Karuma.

An excursion on Neil will definitely not leave you indifferent and will bring a lot of amazing emotions. In the process of descending the river you will be able not only to see, but also to photograph many wild animals that come to the waterfall. In addition to predators, giraffes, behemoths and other members of tropical fauna, you will encounter a lot of exotic feathers. In the southern part of the park you will see a large number of species of African primates.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

This reserve is located at the very base of the Moon Mountains. Therefore, such an impressive number of hot springs are present. It is also possible to see a variety of types of forests: savanna, tropics, rare tree plantations. Primitive craters of volcanoes form huge semi-circles, along which elephants and antelopes walk slowly. In addition, individual craters formed salt lakes, near which flamingos can be spotted.

Believe me, this is an unforgettable sight! There are also many different animals: from predatory lions and crocodiles to herbivorous beauty buffalo. It is also a halo of habitat of more than 500 varieties of feather.

Descent by boat on the Nile

Separately I want to mention rafting. Perhaps no river of the world can boast the same beauty as the giant handsome Neil. The descent on it is picturesque landscapes in the complex with a furious spillage of adrenaline.

Separately I want to mention rafting. Perhaps no river of the world can boast the same beauty as the giant handsome Neil. The descent on it is picturesque landscapes in the complex with a furious spillage of adrenaline. At a time when your boat is carrying down the river, like a little pinch about to be absorbed by the Nile beam, you think there ‘s still a little bit and an encounter with dark-skinned mermaids is secured. But no, it all ends more than positively. Really, I don ‘t want to drink for a long time.

Program of a journey

Therefore, we briefly reviewed the main attractions of this amazing tour, and now we will focus in more detail on the travel plan, which is 12 days and 11 nights long.

Day 1.

Here we are in Uganda. Upon arrival at Entebbe Airport, which is the largest in the country, we deal with minor customs formalities and obtaining a visa. Then according to the plan to get acquainted with the representative of the host party. Then accommodation in the comfortable hotel “4 Penguins,” where the magnificent panorama on Lake Victoria opens.

You can have a little rest after a long road and then we ‘ll visit the Botanical Garden. He is famous for the fact that in the 1940s the very first picture about Tarzan was shot here

Day 2.

Today we ‘re going to Jingja to the roots of the Nile. The second day of the journey is entirely given to the descent of this majestic river. We will pass 31 km and 8 a few thresholds, between which we will swim and watch a huge number of exotic birds. In the evening we will return to Hotel 4 Penguins.

If you do not want to do rafting, an interesting tour to Neil ‘s mouth will be organized for you.

Day 3.

After a delicious breakfast, we head to the Zivu Rhino Reserve. There for us will be organized walking safari with these unique animals. You will forever remember the meeting with three-ton giants. Next afternoon we will move to Misindi where we will be housed at the New Court View Hotel.

Day 4.

In the early morning of the fourth day, we will go to the Mercison Reserve, located on an area of 3,840 square kilometers. There live about 76 varieties of mammals and 450 species of feather. The ferry will transport us to the northern zone of the reserve, where we will meet local representatives of fauna. The next half of the day will be dedicated to the water journey up the Nile.

We also see wild animals on the way. Following us there is a trekking on one of the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls of the globe where the stone came together in fight not on life, but on death with water element. Rising to this height, you will be able to admire the breathtaking views and watch the majestic Nile break its way through the mountains.

Around 20.30 we will return to the hotel.

Day 5.

Day five will also begin early in the morning. We will go to the tropics to meet our likely ancestors from the animal world – monkeys. Today we watch chimpanzees and other primates. Then we will move to Fort Portal, and along the way we carry out one of the most mysterious and mysterious places “Nora of Death of Valumbe.” This name was given to more than 200 unusual ancient mines.

The diameter of each of them is about one and a half meters, and the depth – from three to seventy meters. Local people claim that these noirs lead to the other side of the world.

The ancient legend says that the god of heaven Gulu got angry at death (Valumbe) and threw it on the brand earth from heaven. And then he sent his brother Caikuzi to eliminate her. But death showed smack and began to dive directly into the ground, leaving behind impressive noirs. The brother of the god Gulu never managed to catch death, and she began to live on earth and take human lives.

From the point of view of scientists, these mines were made by humans to extract something very valuable from the Earth ‘s subsoil. In ancient times, the local population was rather primitive and did not have any tools or equipment to perform similar works. The brave men who risked visiting these noirs speak of absolutely non-transferable sensations, as if the soul was separating from the body.

The estimated time of arrival at Fort Portal is 20.00. Then we will have a night at Raja Hotel.

Day 6.

Today we cross the Moon Mountains or Ruwenzori. It is one of the most picturesque mountain ranges of the planet. Then we arrive at the Semliki Reserve. The river of the same name created a picturesque valley in which leopards, baboons and colobuses live. The former are difficult to see because of their night lifestyle. We ‘ll get through African rainforest to hot geysers. After the trekking, we will go to the village where the pygmy live. There we will not only meet these amazing little people, but also see how they dance.

After an extensive and exciting program, we will return to the hotel.

Day 7.

The first part of the day will be dedicated to the journey to Queen Elizabeth Park. Then we will go on safari, where we will watch lions and other members of fauna who know how to climb trees. We will live in the hotel “Suba.”

Day 8.

Early in the morning we go to Ishasha for a fascinating safari on the reserve. Then we follow to the impassable forest of Bwindi and will be located in the “Gorilla Mist Lodge.” Very soon we will have an unforgettable acquaintance with gorillas.

Day 9.

When we wake up in the early morning, we in the company of local guides go to the jungle to find the gorillas. You will not be able to forget this amazing meeting, and it will forever be in your memory as one of the brightest impressions. In addition to standard individuals, you will meet a unique dominant male whose weight is approximately 250 kilograms. We then move to Rwanda and are located on the coast of one of the cleanest and most picturesque lakes in the area, Kivu.

If you do not wish to visit the gorilla safari, an excursion will be organized for you through the village of the Bakiga Aboriginal settlement.

Lodging for the night in hotel.

Day 10.

We will be moving from Rwanda to the Congo this morning. We will devote the tenth day of the journey to the rise of the active volcano. Trekking will take approximately 5-6 hours, but for this each will receive a superprise – non-transferable beauty species from which simply breathtaking. In addition to the most beautiful landscapes, you will be able to watch lava burrow in the vial of the volcano, whose height is 3470 m. Be sure to store warm things and trekking shoes on a thick sole.

Staying in houses on the volcano.

Day 11.

In the morning we will walk near the sealed lake from lava and go down to the village of Kibati. Then we will go to Goma, where it is possible to visit the market with souvenirs. In the evening we will return to Rwanda and stay in a hotel.

Day 12.

Today we will cruise on the magic lake of Kivu, visit one of its islands and look at hot springs. Then we go to the capital of Rwanda. There we will also go to the souvenir market, carry out an excursion around the city, its commemorative places.

Late night delivery by transfer to the airport.

Day 13.

Way home. Our amazing journey with Sparks Life came to an end. We will be very happy to see you again on our tours.

Questions and answers about journey

Many tourists are interested in various nuances of travel. “Sparks Life” specialists will be happy to consult and specify the details of the journey. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with answers.

What about visas?

We will need 2 Rwanda visas (each $30) and 1 Uganda visa ($50). They can be obtained both online and locally on arrival. The Republic of Congo visa is also available locally. Its official price is $300, but for our tourists it will cost only $105, however, provided that the document is issued in advance.

What about vaccinations? Whether they are necessary?

Yeah, we ‘ll need a yellow fever vaccination.

What about malaria?

Currently, malaria has not completely disappeared, but it has become much less common. Our company has been conducting similar tours in this area for many years, and no one has been infected. Of course, it is only for you to decide whether or not to take drugs, but if you sleep under an anti-mosquito net and use special sprays, malaria will have absolutely no chance.

What conditions will we live in during the journey?

Accommodation conditions comfortable. All rooms will have anti-mosquito nets, besides there is a bathroom and hot water everywhere.

What are we going to move on?

We have a nine-seat Toyota minivan with a folding roof. However, as a rule, there will be no more than six passengers in the car, so comfortable seats will be enough for everyone.

What conditions of food?

Breakfast is already included in the cost of the tour, they will be in all hotels along the way. Lunches and dinners are organized in a variety of but very decent places. Typically, the price for one great lunch/dinner is no more than $10.

Could it happen that I get bitten by wild animals?


What else is worth knowing?

Here is a recommended list of things that will be useful to you on your trip:

  • Light shoes, perfectly suitable sneakers;
  • Trekking boots (optional but desirable);
  • Light clothes: trousers, T-shirt shirts (a lot of things should not be taken);
  • A little warm stuff;
  • serviceable small lamp;
  • camera;
  • Personal hygiene products;
  • Individual first aid kit (taking into account personal ailments);
  • Sun-proof cream;
  • Bathing accessories, towels.

Travel cost

Two guests each – 2250 USD per person. For a single room the surcharge is 300 USD.

The price of journey includes:

  • Accommodation in rooms with two guests;
  • Breakfasts throughout the journey;
  • All excursions and movements indicated in the tour plan;
  • visits of reserves;
  • Ferry and boat to Mercison Park (twice);
  • services of guides;
  • Securites in reserves;
  • Safari with rhinos;
  • Visiting pygmy village with dance program;
  • Rise to chimpanzees;
  • Ascent to the active volcano, including security and tour guide services;
  • delivery by a transfer.

The price of journey does not include:

  • flight by the air transport;
  • Visas – 215 USD for three documents;
  • Lunches and dinners – approximately 15-20 USD per day;
  • Trackage in Uganda to gorillas (if you go, you need to pay 600 USD);
  • Descent on a raft on the Nile (if you go plus 140 USD).

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