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Journey on a yacht across the Adriatic

September 01, 2023

The Adriatic is characterized by medieval towns and rugged coastlines. There are about 1,300 islands, more than 1,000 of which belong to Croatia. Along the coast there are a total of 56 marinas, where you can moor and explore the mainland. Unforgettable emotions and pleasant experiences are what you’ll get when you try a boat trip on the Adriatic!

Yachting in the Adriatic

Slovenia offers countless opportunities for lovers of yachting — on the coast 47 km long there are charming towns built in Venetian style, modern marinas and picturesque harbors. Slovenia is a very environmentally friendly country. Yachtsmen and just lovers of rest on a yacht will like the local comfortable climate, a wide choice of tourist routes and affordable prices.

Yachting in Croatia is a large number of islands with incredible beauty bays. In addition, a big plus is the crystal clear water, which allows travelers to see its marine life.

Croatia’s vast coastline is dotted with hundreds of islands and is one of the most beautiful places in Europe for sailing. The coast and islands perfectly combine natural beauty with a rich history and provide an excellent yachting infrastructure in the form of marinas, city ports, island restaurants and buoy fields. It is not for nothing that yachting is considered the main symbol of Croatia.

This type of recreation will show you this country from a completely different angle, and be sure it will not leave you indifferent.

Seasonality of sailing in Croatia

The high season in the country lasts from July to September. The demand for yachts here is great, so it is recommended to choose and book your tour well in advance. Here the climate allows you to give preference to an active type of recreation in strong winds and more lazy in calm winds.

Montenegro is another amazing yachting destination in the Mediterranean Sea, which offers unique landscapes and has a rich history. The calling card of Montenegro is the unique nature, which attracts many lovers of yachting holidays.

A large number of sandy beaches, mountains and waterfalls, mysterious caves, endless valleys are only a small part of what you can see in this beautiful country. In addition, Montenegro has a very good location, because from this beautiful place you can easily go to Croatia, Italy or Greece on board your yacht.

The sights of Montenegro are Tivat, Budva, St. Nicholas Island, Kotor, Bar and Herceg Novi. If you visit at least one of these places you will be able to feel all the richness of the culture and history of the country.

Seasonality of sailing in Montenegro:

The high season for sailing here lasts from July to August, and ends by the end of September. The Mediterranean climate is favorable for good recreation and sailing in the inviting waters of the Adriatic Sea.

Beautiful beaches, warm weather, rich history and stunning mountain scenery — Albania meets all the mandatory requirements of a Mediterranean destination for luxury yachts. Although the country has just recently opened for yachting and does not have such bays as in Croatia and Montenegro, nevertheless it has very beautiful nature and many interesting places to visit, such as the town of Vlora, Saranda, Butrinta lagoon, beaches of Dhermi, Bunec, Bors and many others.

Adriatic coast of Italy

Italy is a wonderful country recognized for its culture, historical history, and breathtaking natural beauty. The west coast of Italy’s blue waters and glittering, glamorous port cities have long been a sailors’ paradise. This branching coastline’s lovely seaside villages, tranquil islands, and clean, quiet beaches are all appealing anchorages for yachtsmen.

Meanwhile, the Mediterranean’s tranquil, varied waters are great for snorkeling and preparing the delectable seafood delicacies for which the region is well-known. Both experienced and novice yachtsmen will find plenty to enjoy in Italy, as well as numerous recreational activities on land. Italy will keep you coming back again and again, with four different bases from which to set sail and hundreds of kilometers of coastline to explore.

Seasonality of Yachting in Italy

The high season for yacht rentals on Italy’s Adriatic coast runs from June through August. The lesser influx of tourists is in May and September.

Each of the above-mentioned countries is equally beautiful and has something to show to its guests from all over the world, and it is up to you to choose where to go. Once you have tried a yacht trip on the Adriatic, you will not think about any other type of holiday, because the emotions and impressions of the cruise will remain the most unforgettable in your life!

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